Sunday, December 10, 2023

I’m not interested in politics; instead, I’d like to join the Rangers, a police force says Shaniera Akram

Shaniera Akram Australian social worker  said she wishes the police and rangers to help her in catching rapists.

“This young girl of the same age as mine has gone out and never returned,” remarked Shaniera. “It was in my town. In our country this is occurring.”

In Karachi’s Korangi, Shaniera referred to the rape and murder of a six year old child. She was kidnapped when there was no electricity while playing outside her house.

“This stops everywhere informing me,” remarked Shaniera. “I tell you it’s in Pakistan. “I tell you. And until our government does anything about it I refuse to overlook it.” She feels that rape and killing of children are the primary goal of these predators.

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