Saturday, December 9, 2023

IHC refuses to discontinue the inquiry of Barrister Ali Zafar in Jahangir Tareen

On Thursday, the Islamabad Supreme Court (IHC) rejected the petition to prevent Senator Barrister Ali Zafar’s lawyer from investigating Jahangir Tarin and ruling it out of action.

IHC Chief Justice Atar Minallah was angry with the time-wasting petition in court with thousands of cases waiting at IHC. The case was brought by the resident Fahad Shahid.

At the start of the trial, the Chief Justice hired Deputy Attorney General Tayyab Shah to assist the court after reviewing the case.

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DAG assessed that the applicant was not involved in the case. He said an inappropriate person cannot initiate criminal proceedings.

The DAG said courts should not hear such “bizarre and irrelevant” cases. The presiding judge expressed dissatisfaction with the loss of court time and stated that the criminal case in Lahore, which falls outside the jurisdiction of the IHC, is sure to continue.

“How do ordinary parties get justice when such petitions are filed?” He asked. The court later dropped the case and said it was irreparable.

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