Monday, September 25, 2023

IHC informs PTA that there is no cause to ban TikTok

The High Court of Islamabad (IHC) has directed the Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) to revise its TikTok ban throughout the country.

A six pages decision against PTA’s video sharing application ban was given by Chief Justice Athar Minallah on saturday. For the fourth time, on July 21, TikTok was prohibited by TikTok.

In response to Pakistan’s social media app policy, the Court asked the secretary of IT.

The order noted, “There is no reason PTA should prohibit TikTok.” “In the Sindh and Peshawar High Court sessions before, the authorities stated that the application was used by over 10 million individuals across the country.”

99% of these folks have no concerns to the content of the app. “There are only a few profiles that posted unwanted stuff, and there is no basis for prohibiting the app for them.”

TikTok was primarily utilised by persons from the lowest revenue sectors who make money via TikTok. The PTA also agreed that there are more advantages than drawbacks in the application.

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