Thursday, March 23, 2023

Iggy Azalea will retire after eight-figure deal

After selling her master recordings and publishing rights to Domain Capital, Iggy Azalea may decide to stop making music.

The hip-hop musician sold her work for eight figures, so she “never has to work again.”

The singer shared her plans with followers on Twitter. “I hope she doesn’t wind up like Taylor Swift.”

Taylor lost money on the deal. Iggy said she sold a section of her catalogue for enough money to never work again.

“The master’s conversation is beyond most of your commercial knowledge,” she continued.

The Fancy star announced her return in August, saying, “I’m back.” Weep. A year ago, I was tired of the bad energy that music attracted.

Even when I’m minding my own business, you’re negative and nosy. If I can’t have peace, you can’t either. Returning She added, “Cry.”

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