Sunday, October 1, 2023

If you collect billions in an hour, why 25b dollars loan in 4 years? asks Iffat Omar

Iffat Omar has spoken out against the telethon campaign led by chairman of the PTI Imran Khan. She also posed the following query in a post that he published on social media. Iffat Omar asks, “If you can collect billions of rupees in an hour, why did you accept a loan of 25 billion dollars during your four years government?”

She has also published a video on Twitter in which she criticises Imran Khan during a conversation with the media. In the video, she says that Imran Khan’s narrative is not humanitarian. It will not lead us towards development. He has there is nothing but talk and in practise he is a man of very little ability. However, Imran Khan has not responded to her criticisms.

Iffat Omar has quoted as saying, “I used to follow Imran Khan a lot but then I felt that he is a weak person. There is no grace in him. Earlier all Pakistanis used to come together when there was a problem but now Imran Khan is the first leader who has divided so much.”

Iffat Omar further asks that are people not hating each other now? Are they not helping their Pakistani flood victims with great political and ideological differences? No doubt, Imran Khan is the first leader to divide so much that people are.

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