Sunday, April 14, 2024

I’d be astonished if Pakistan didn’t win World Cup: Indian Journalist Vikrant Gupta

Vikrant Gupta is a well-known Indian news anchor who is well-known for his cricket commentary as well as interesting cricket-related news.

He stated on his talk show that he would be astonished if Pakistan would not win the T20 World Cup after discussing the India-Pakistan match during the T20 World Cup.

The Indian cricket analyst went on to laud the young Pakistani spinner Shaheen Afridi, who is only 21 years old. He stated that the manner Shaheen Shah Afridi bowled aggressively during the match reminded him of the famous Wasim Akram, who played for Pakistan.

Furthermore, Vikrant praised Pakistan’s batting line-up, noting that the batsmen performed admirably, as they had in the previous matches. As well, he acknowledged that the Indian team was not properly prepared and praised the skill of the Pakistan Cricket Team, claiming that they were defeated by a superior team.

Aside from that, he questioned Indian mentality, saying that we Indians “live in a nutshell” and that the media “wants to stay in that nutshell with us.”

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