Sunday, October 1, 2023

Ice Cube lost $9m for refusing Covid jab

Ice Cube opted out of Oh Hell No because he refused COVID-19 injections.

A Friday actor revealed he turned down a movie because he didn’t want a (expletive) jab. I turned down $9 million because I didn’t want the jab, and (expletive) you for attempting to make me take it. “I’m not sure how Hollywood feels about me.”

Ice Cube stated that he didn’t “turn down” the acting job and money but was driven out when he refused to be vaccinated. “Those (expletives) wouldn’t give me the shot.” I listened. He said, “They wouldn’t give me it.” “I didn’t need the COVID jab.” That **** completely slipped my mind. Nothing. They’re (expletive): “That (expletive) was unnecessary.”

Ice Cube may leave Oh Hell No in 2021, according to Deadline. Sony has made little progress on the project since Ice Cube’s departure.

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