Friday, September 29, 2023

Ibtisam Hassan, who saved Imran Khan

A PTI worker at the long march prevented an attempt to murder Imran Khan on Thursday. He grabbed the shooter’s weapon.

Ibtisam Hassan, a young volunteer for the PTI, bravely caught the person who tried to hurt Imran Khan with a gun.

In a video clip, Ibtisam said the individual was 10 to 12 feet from Imran Khan’s container. He said the attacker tried to shoot, but he grabbed his arm and swung it, missing the target.

He saw the gunman loading while watching Imran Khan on the container.

Ibtisam said the attacker fired one shot at the former PM, but he jumped at him, seized his hand, and pushed him down.

He said the automatic weapon-wielding perpetrator shot another victim. The weapon fell during the fight.

Ibtisam, marchers, and police caught the perpetrator. Seven months after losing a trust vote and the defense establishment’s confidence, Imran Khan was dismissed as Pakistan’s prime minister.

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