Wednesday, March 29, 2023

“I was nervous when I first met Yumna Zaidi,” says Junaid Jamshaid Niazi

Junaid Jamshaid Niazi, who is portraying Kamil, the fiance of Shaishta, who is played by Yumna Zaidi in the army drama ‘Sinf e Aahan ‘ , recently went on a discussion show with Something Haute.

When asked about his personal life, he stated that he had never considered pursuing a career as an actor or as a model. “I grew up in an army family,” says Junaid Jamshaid. My Father was really severe with me, and he never permitted me to make friends or even get a cell phone.”

“I had anticipated that people would create memes based on my Kamil character. One of my friends informed me that your portrayal of Kamil is becoming increasingly popular on social media. I stated that you were playing a joke on me. After that, I went to Instagram. I was quite aback by how much people enjoyed my Kamil persona on the internet “, Junaid explained.

In his words, “I used to get teased about my appearance.” After his mother’s death, he began modelling in Lahore, where he has been ever since. “I started modelling in order to get over my fear. My wife was the one who persuaded me to go on a modelling tryout and land the job.”

“When I first started modelling, I encountered a number of difficulties, including the fact that people misbehaved with me at times since I was overweight at the time. It was attempted to moke me and bully me”, Junaid Explained.

“I was nervous when I first met Yumna Zaidi, but it was a great experience. Amazing to witness her act in real life”, Junaid Jamshaid said.

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