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I studied all religions as a child: Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid tries to balance her professional and personal life, as the new mom reveals in her first solo cover of Vogue, while her little girl, girl Kai, rockes on her Nemo. “I am very emotional and honored to take my first professional step in a new chapter of femininity where this dream has come true!” Starting models in detailed inscriptions respecting life in general and motherhood.

At Birth:

In an interview, Hadid told about the birth. The daughter of a 24-year-old girl with Zayn Malik was born in September 2020. “From my experience, I really want to feel, ‘OK, that’s a natural thing for women to do,'” she told Home. Experience is born. She and Malik decided not to go to a public hospital in New York which is overcrowded in the face of Covid-19 and instead have Khai in Hadid in Pennsylvania. Mother, younger sibling and Malik were present for 14 hours of work.

“I knew it was going to be the craziest pain of my life,” recalls the supermodel. “But you have to give up on him and say, ‘That’s all.’ I love that, then Z (Zayn) and I looked at each other and said, “We might have some time before we do this again!”

About motherhood:

Khai means “the chosen one” in Arabic. The baby is kept away from the public. Hadid has no nanny; His mother and Malik help care for him.

“My Muslim father and mother grew up with Christmas. I feel like I was allowed to study any religion as a child.” I think it’s good to take a different part of the different religion you associate with you and I think we will, “she said, asking how she plans to raise Kai.” Zayn and I both want our daughter to fully understand her origins. , and we want to prepare for that too. Every time someone tells him something at school, we want to give him the tools to understand why other kids do this and where it’s coming from, “added Hadid, referring to how her brother was told,” Your father was a terrorist. Primary school after 9/11.

The former One Direction star bought his daughter a retro pink VHS player and bought all of his Disney cartoons, as well as his favorite Bollywood films, on tapes for him to watch someday. Meanwhile, Hadid decorated the nursery with decorative mobile clouds made of macrame, rattan vanity baskets and embroidered pillows.

Modeling and Parenting:

About 10 weeks after giving birth, Hadid received a call from Vogue. “I know I’m not as young as I used to be, but I’m also a very realistic thinker. I said,” Yeah, I’m going to make a cover for Vogue, but obviously I’m not going to be the size. 0. “I, I don’t feel like I have to go back to this now,” he admits. “I also think it’s a blessing. This time anyone who says I have to be this one can absorb it.”

The return to work is slow but steady. “I focus on things that feel more stable than being in a different country every week,” said the Palestinian-American beauty, who has produced and managed her own media content from the comfort of her farm.

“I’m proud of her face in the magazine, but birth is a completely different level of pride,” added Ms. Yolanda. “You no longer look at her like a girl, but like a friend of a mother.”

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