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“I cried real tears on the cake,” said Sanam Saeed

It happened in 2018 when the otherwise reluctant Sanam Said decided to open his failed marriage and faced the loss of his mother. In an interview with veteran TV star Samina Perzada, star Zindaghi Gulzar Hai admitted that her mother’s deteriorating health had played a major role in her divorce. He’s always been uncompromising.

But now, two years later, Saeed has a podcast detailing how he coped with the loss. In an open conversation with superstar Mahira Khan about fashion, the two lead actresses talked about sadness and how to deal with it.

The Verna actor praised Saeed for sharing his story. “We heard that you spoke very boldly about courage,” said Khan. “I don’t know why everyone is saying this. I’m sure there are so many people who stood up courageously before dying and losing, even before the big change in their lives?” The word interrupts, “Of course you are right. But as public figures, we know what we are going to face when we share even the smallest details about our private lives. We are actors; we are naked from So So, what we really protect desire is our personal life. “”

The duo then discussed the loss of a loved one and how to deal with the threat of grief. “You face the biggest loss that can be suffered,” asked Khan Said. “More than one parent lost their own child?” Ask asked. Here the Bin Roy star views the latter as something that should never have happened. “There must be a rule somewhere. Parents should not bury their children, ”said Hahn.

The star reminisces a friend who lost her sister and tells how angry her father was at God for bringing his daughter before him. “The only thing he keeps saying is that everything is allowed – life and death – all of that. But parents shouldn’t see their children leave.”

Saeed said of his mother: “I have this coping mechanism to compare myself to others, not in an uncertain way, but to be grateful. To understand that people are worse off. I have friends who have accidentally lost people. There is.” There’s nothing worse than not being able to say goodbye. If this had happened to my mother, we probably wouldn’t have made it. But we have time to say goodbye to our time to do things we haven’t done yet. Grateful, grateful, and our time to commit. “

Said added that he prayed that his mother would die because it was so hard to see him – once full of life – so weak. “You don’t feel bad for those who are dying, you are in eternal happiness. You feel bad for the people you left behind. I feel bad for my sisters, for my father – who was their 33-34 partner. Good marriage,” recalls. Bachanaa’s star. “When cancer first appeared, my mother was ready to fight it. After having a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation, she was cured. And then it happened again. Then we all thought, ‘Oh no, not again.’ I think then he gave up mentally. “

Said said he had denied for a long time that he could even lose his mother to cancer. “I was absent from work when conditions worsened. I remember being in London and shooting for Cake in six days,” he continued. “In my mind she is fine, her oxygen level is fine. Because my brother didn’t tell me the truth. When I returned to Pakistan, my brother told me to come to the hospital immediately. Then I met. “

In Cake, Saeed’s character, Zara, loses his mother and gets divorced. similar to real life. “My job helps me with losses. I cry with real tears, I am hopeless. It is a real emotion in the film because my character does the same thing. When my brother comes to pick me up at the airport, we walk away. straight to the hospital. There she told me it was time to get it off. My mother was on a ventilator at the time. “

Said shared what the film scenes were like. “I went to him and told him that I was here. Everyone was here. But it was calm when he died,” the actor revealed and fell apart. “If he died before I left, I would really regret going to work.”

Bintang Daam never saw his father cry, adding that even though his mother died, he got up and went to the bathroom. “I think he let him go there. I saw him and my heart just broke,” Said said. “Just a few minutes after his death, we’re fine. I think you only have a few seconds left. Final farewell.”

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