Saturday, September 23, 2023

Hyundai Mobis has combined the HUD and instrument cluster in one unit

Hyundai Mobis has developed the world’s first “clusters HUD” which integrates the functions of the instrument cluster and HUD (heads-up display).

“With the start of the era of fully electric vehicles, the use of vehicle interiors is becoming increasingly important,” said a statement from the supplier. “In response, [we are] actively introducing new display technologies optimized for autonomous driving and electrification.”

Clusterless HUD is a new cockpit technology that minimizes driver distraction by relaying various types of driving information displayed in the cluster to the HUD (heads up display) in front of the driver and AVNT (audio, video, navigation and telematics). .

The Clusters HUD is characterized by the fact that it increases the level of necessary driving information at all times, such as speed and speed, driver’s eye level. In addition to the driver assistance functions inherent in the HUD, such as navigation it should significantly increase safety and comfort.

It is said to have differentiated the design and increased the visibility of the screen with driving information. Further additional driving information is displayed via AVNT.

The Hlusterless HUD is divided into four display areas, three at the top and one at the bottom. Speed, engine speed, ADAS-related information, and navigation information are displayed in the top area of ​​the screen. The bottom of the screen displays basic information about the vehicle, such as change mode, coolant temperature, and exhaust distance. It can also display turn signals, system information, and warning lights.

The HUD has a 15-inch screen and offers a much larger viewing area than existing products. The company has developed a new manufacturing technology for combined device mirrors that perform HUD functions via dashboard-mounted optical glass and optical deposition specifications to ensure performance. The frame-mounted on the car is tilted towards the driver.

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