Monday, December 4, 2023

Hyundai is competing with Tesla and Ford to be the market leader in EV fast charging

Hyundai is so sure that consumers would be able to check out their EVs for a long time before purchasing.

Although Tesla has made EV performance one of the key cornerstones in its shift to EVs, pricing and range still remain. Moreover, although not so many people pay attention to it or even truly understand it, it is perhaps even more vital to speed up DC charging.

Hyundai is intending to allow consumers to sample their electric vehicles for long periods before they buy them to illustrate the value of its electric automobiles.

The Ioniq 5, probably followed by the Ioniq 6 and 7, will shortly be brought to market in Hyundai. For its basic versions and 800 volt design, the company promises 300 miles.

For comparison, there are no 300 miles of Tesla Model 3 and Ford Mustang Mach-E basic versions. In reality, while the long-range Model 3 – which costs 9,000 dollars more than Model 3’s base – has a range listed as 353 miles, the maxes of Mach-E are 305 miles. In addition, the 400-volt systems used by Tesla and Ford.

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