how you can get the COVID-19 vaccine in Pakistan

The National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) on Wednesday confirmed the national coronavirus vaccination plan as the country assumes the first shipment of a Chinese vaccine by 31st January.

The government has permitted three COVID-19 antibodies including Russia’s Sputnik-V, China’s Sinopharm and UK’s Oxford-AstraZeneca for crisis use in the country.

Here’s the basic step by step guide to get Covid antibody:

Step 1: Citizens including frontline healthcare staffs will send CNIC number to 1166 through SMS or use NIMS site for enrollment.

Step 2: After essential confirmation, assigned AVC (Adult Vaccine Center) (“based on Present Address” and PIN Code will be shipped off the resident through SMS).

Step 3: If the designated AVC is outside current tehsil of the resident, he/she can change the assigned health facility by visiting NIMS portal or by calling 1166 helpline within 5 days of receipt of the first SMS

Step 4: Upon accessibility of vaccine at the Designated Vaccination Center, SMS will be sent to the resident to near appointment date for vaccine administration.

Step 5: After successful enrollment, the resident will visit AVC on date of appointment with original CNIC and got PIB Code “mandatory”.

Step 6: Vaccination staff will confirm the CNIC and PIN code.

Step 7: After successful verification, the resident will be vaccinated. Upon vaccine organization, vaccination staff will enter the information in NIMS and confirmation message will be sent to the resident through SMS. Resident will stay in AVC for 30 min for the post vaccine checking.

Step 8: Real-time dashboard for the government, common and locale health department will be produced automatically.

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