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How to clean your laptop screen at home (pictures)

This guide will teach you how to clean your laptop screen. Your window to the digital world is critical to your computing experience. But it also has the habit of attracting all sorts of dirt and grime, whether it’s food stains like spaghetti-spaghetti sauce that is sprayed on, bacteria and inconspicuous particles.

Even more important is to clean laptop screens properly as the coronavirus, which plunged the world into a pandemic, persisted for several days on certain surfaces.

While the glass screen on older CRT monitors had an extra layer of protection, the newer LCD screens on laptops didn’t. This means you want to avoid using raw products like glass cleaners or window cleaners on your laptop screen.

Whereas some screens, like For example, some MacBook screens and touchscreens have an oleophobic coating which provides protection against fingerprints and smudges, you can use this if you use an alcohol-based cleaner.

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Isopropyl Cleaner

You can use 99% isopropyl, but if you are careful the isopropyl is too strong, you can use 75% or more of a softer material. In fact, isopropyl diluted to 60% with purified water can be even more effective than 99.9% isopropyl because water allows the solution to better penetrate into the cell walls of microorganisms and slows down the time of solvent evaporation, thereby increasing the time it remains in contact with the microorganisms.

Do not spray screen cleaner directly on your laptop screen. Instead, spray or dab the cleaner on a microfiber cloth, then wipe gently from your laptop screen using small circular or edge-to-edge motions. Don’t dip your towel in the cleaning solution, just wet it.

Isopropyl is a powerful microbial killer, but it doesn’t have the special antistatic or anti-scratch properties found in special screen cleaners. After (or instead of) wiping your laptop screen with isopropyl, you’ll need to use an alcohol-free screen cleaner to get the job done.

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Gently rub the towel against your laptop screen, being careful not to press too hard.

Ecomoist and WHOOSH! are the two most popular laptop cleaners, although there will be plenty of similar cleaners that will likely work just as well. They are alcohol-free, biodegradable, and their anti-static formula keeps these dust particles off your screen longer. Related

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