Thursday, June 8, 2023

Honda has revealed the pricing of the new sixth generation City model in Pakistan

Honda Atlas has announced its first-selling automobile City’s new sixth generation model and has also exposed the costs of its five models.

The firm in the city for the first time introduced airbags, a fundamental safety element in automobiles.

The automobile comes in five models – 1.2L AT, 1.2L Manual Transmission(MT), 1.5L PT CVT, 1.5L Aspire CVT and 1.5L MT. ATV is offered in a single version.

The revised pricing are as follows:

Model NamePrice
1.2L MTRs2,599,000 
1.2L CVTRs2,799,000
1.5L PT CVTRs2,899,000 
1.5L Aspire MTRs3,019,000 
1.5L Aspire CVTRs3,174,000
Honda Atlas 

Toyota Yaris in the category of b-sedan was Honda City’s top challenger. However, new car firms Changan and Proton’s cheaper sedans Alsvin and Saga may potentially have a stake in this category, according to automotive experts.

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