Saturday, December 2, 2023

Honda Civic 11th Gen to be Launched in Pakistan in Mid-2022 for Rs. 5.5 Million

Honda Atlas is putting the new Honda Civic 11th generation through its paces in a controlled environment.

In recent months, the car was imported and is currently being evaluated. Photographs of a cloaked test unit have just appeared on the internet, indicating that the vehicle will go on sale in the second half of 2022, as previously predicted.

Honda Customers in Pakistan’s B-segment were dissatisfied when Honda revealed the fourth version of the Honda City, which came after more than a decade of pushing the previous design forward.

It may bring some comfort to customers in the C-segment to know that Honda has replaced the old Civic with the most recent 11th generation Civic after six years of production.

As a result of widening economic disparities and high profit margins, automobile manufacturers believe that developing high-end automobiles for buyers with large financial resources is more profitable in the long run, rather than increasing the production of low-cost vehicles that appeal to the vast majority of the population.

A domestically manufactured complete kit of parts (CKD) unit is expected to cost approximately Rs. 5,500,000 in the future, based on industry forecasts of future price.

When a car does not have the features and specifications that its international competitors have, it is probable that this may be compromised.

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