Saturday, March 25, 2023

Historical development to be done in Mianwali: PM Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan stated on Saturday that there has never been so much growth in Mianwali’s history if another party had been in power, and committed to turn things around for the residents till the current government’s term ends.

“The people of Mianwali deserve the most credit for my election as Prime Minister, and I will return them with service,” PM Imran stated in Mianwali. He was in town for one day to inaugurate numerous projects.

The establishment of a city park at Mianwali’s Old Cattle Mandi, a road dualisation project in Sargodha and a Miyawaki Forest in NAMAL Lake.

In addition, the Prime Minister Package-II, the District Development Package, the establishment of wooded land at NAMAL Lake, and the Balkasar-Mianwali Road will be officially opened. The Prime Minister will speak to students at NAMAL University Mianwali later in the day.

The Rs13.5 billion Balkasar-Mianwali-Muzaffargarh project, which spans 415 kilometres and costs Rs13.5 billion, is expected to be completed in a year.

The main road will be 7.3 metres wide with 2.5 metre broad shoulders on both sides. After completion, the project will save time and money on gasoline and car maintenance.

The project will help move crops from field to market and create jobs.
Imran Khan stated that he would do his best to develop the neglected areas before the government’s tenure expired.

“The road from Mianwali to Muzaffarabad needs to be built since it has accidents. And it will be built in 1.5 years,” he said.

A coronavirus lockdown restricted trade activity, which in turn increased prices, he added.

“Inflation is a global concern, not simply a Pakistani one. “The outbreak caused the highest inflation in the US after 1982,” he claimed. He hoped inflation would soon abate.

Under the Ehsaas Ration programme, those earning less than Rs50,000 per month will receive 30% off bread and ghee.

The card entitles any family to up to Rs1 million in therapy.

In KPK and Punjab, he claimed, 6.2 million people would earn Rs47 billion in scholarships.

“I pledged Pakistan will never be a slave to foreign forces. “Now Pakistan’s decisions will be made in the national interest,” he remarked.

Imran Khan stated the administration was willing to talk to the rebels of Balochistan or Waziristan.

“We will never forgive those who robbed the country after taking power,” he declared.

He blamed the high cost of power in Pakistan on contracts inked before the PTI government.

Every farmer family would get an interest-free loan up to 0.5 million, and by March, every Punjab family will have a health card.

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