Friday, March 24, 2023

Hindu extremists called Indian player Arshdeep Singh a ‘Khalistani’ after losing match

Hindu extremists called Indian player Arshdeep Singh a ‘Khalistani’ after he dropped the catch of Pakistani batsman Muhammad Asif. They referred him as a supporter of Khalistan movement after thrilling last over lost to Pakistan.

India faced five-wicket loss to Pakistan in the Asia Cup event that has held last night in Dubai. Whereas, Hindu fanatics resorted to their customary behaviour of going wild and accusing Arshdeep Singh as ‘Khalistani’. The player mistakenly dropped the catch and the extremists got the chnace to accused him a supporter and agent of Khalistan.

Arshdeep Singh is the target of the worst criticism on Indian social media after he dropped Muhammad Asif’s catch. As a result, Arshdeep Singh has subjected to the worst moment of the match. Users who adhere to Hindu hardline ideology referred to Arshdeep as a Khalistani and accused him of intentionally missing the catch.

However, Muhammad Hafeez, a former captain of the Pakistan cricket team expressed his support for Arshdeep Singh. He acknowledged that it is possible to make errors when playing the game of cricket. Fans from India have asked to refrain from insulting anyone.

Furthermore, Harbhajan Singh, an old Indian cricket player welcomed Arshdeep’s detractors and told them to quit attacking the young player. Nobody ever tries to avoid making catches by accident. The performance of Pakistan was superior.

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