Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Maryam Nawaz ‘Aap Ke Munh Main Khaak’: Hina Khawaja

Hina Bayat, an actress, has responded to Maryam Nawaz’s popular statement about Purana Pakistan with a video. On social media, Hina Bayat has been praised for her bravery in speaking her thoughts on recent political events.

The video starts with Hina Bayat clarifying that she does not enter into matters that may offend others, but this time she has spoken about Maryam Nawaz’s perspective on Purana Pakistan.

She stated that Maryam Nawaz‘s comments pushed her to speak about her. ‘Aap K Munh Main Khaak’ was her first harsh remark. In addition, what Maryam Nawaz is upsetting this lady and she appears unstoppable.

So Maryam Nawaz claimed Imran Khan’s days as Pakistan’s PM are numbered and the country’s jet would soon land in Purana Pakistan. And now Hina’s statement has added more fuel to the fire.

She has plainly rejected the PMLN’s and its allies’ Purana Pakistan. Hina’s post has gotten a lot of attention. Everyone has an opinion, and it’s good to express it.

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