Sunday, December 10, 2023

Hilary Duff shares personal photographs of her third child’s birth

To thank her husband, mother, and doulas, Hilary Duff released some images of her lady’s home birth.

The actress went to Instagram on Tuesday on the day she went into labor with Mae to post a collection of photographs. The photos show the celebrity in a black long-sleeved, sports shirt with blue hair and jewelry like her husband and her doula, Molly Bernard, co-star of Younger, assist make her comfortable on a medical ball surrounded by pads typically used in-home training. The images depict the Star passing through a lot of feelings in her husband’s arms, from discomfort, happiness, and pleasure.

“My spouse is the quietest anchor in the room as I like to climb the walls, and my little Molly is an unusual doula sitting down with me when I needed quietness. She loved it since my water had burst hours early, I was sitting on doggie puddles, “She said.

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