Friday, December 1, 2023

Hilaria Baldwin supports surrogacy ‘Shunned for surrogacy’

Hilaria Baldwin is talking out her surrogacy decision. On Sunday’s episode of her Witches Anonymous podcast, the joyful mom, 38, said her 20-month-old daughter Lucia is not “less” hers since she was delivered through a surrogate.

Nothing changed. People think I’m a worse mom, and she’s a worse daughter. “She’s as attached to me as my others,” she said of her 2021 baby girl.

“I don’t differentiate between my surrogate-born daughter and my other six children,” she said.

The yoga instructor chose a surrogate after two miscarriages in 2019 and said there are “many ways to become a parent.”

She said she was “shamed” for choosing surrogacy and that many made her feel “outcast.”

“We’re considered breeders in many ways—I had seven children—but I recognise the historical connection between women and breeding.”People think they have a right to talk about it if you can’t or don’t breed traditionally,” she said.

Hilaria said she and her surrogate had a “wonderful” relationship and “speak virtually every day.”

The author uploaded a photo of the baby’s black eye after she fell and smacked her face on a metal table leg.

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