Thursday, February 22, 2024

Hilaria Baldwin asks for less hate in 2022

Hilaria Baldwin asks fans to “tone down” their criticism of her husband Alec Baldwin. “Apparently 2022 is going to be flawless,” she captioned a snapshot of her entire family.”

“We’ve had enough bad news lately, surely it’s time? Dedicated to the best year ever post and year. Then I was scared-what if more bad things happen and I can’t save everyone? Then I understood the issue is my thinking.”

“Life is faulty. It’s lovely and tragic. It’s not magical: it’ll be good. Because we know when it isn’t, many of us give up and quit. The way we surf the life’s waves will decide our quality of life. How we care for ourselves and each other. So I’ve decided to make this year a year of compassion.

The planet we inhabit and bequeath to our children needs kindness. It also feels good. The kindness well never runs dry IF we keep filling it with our will, action, and determination. We’ve been talking a lot about cyberbullying.”

Be a caring bear with me. Taking action is the only way to turn the tide. We need more kindness to drown out negativity.”

“Silence will weaken us and provide greater space to the minority who wish to spew negativity,” she said. Let’s speak up for ourselves, our children, and the environment. #kindwarriors2022”.

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