HEC announced a solution for online university exams

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has taken into account the concerns expressed by students at some universities that their exams have to be taken online.

The arrests of students have been carefully considered after consulting with Vice-Chancellors from all provinces and regions, taking into account the difficulties caused by the pandemic and the opening of the university on February 1, 2021.

Under this policy, HEC has allowed universities to use their assessments to take exams at home or online, provided the regime chosen provides a fair assessment of student performance. Universities should pay attention to “exam readiness”; H. Technology readiness, announced policy and management capacity and selection of the best evaluation method.

The HEC assessment and testing manual can be found below link.

Online exams can be used when the university administers open book examinations or sets up a system of vigilance in a controlled environment. In this mode, universities should also use Turnitin to review network similarity indexes and other student responses. Additionally, a viva / oral exam can be included in the assessment if required.

University exams can only be taken in strict compliance with all COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Universities may also need to organize a two-week cosmetology course if students feel that the scope of the course is insufficient. Assessment of all courses requiring psychomotor skills such as medicine, engineering, laboratory / studio work subjects, must be done on campus.

All students in a course are studied in the same fashion, ie. online or at university.

Since March 2020, HEC has continued to monitor the pandemic situation and coordinate with universities to minimize academic disruption and continue online training with quality assurance. An online guide to readiness and assessment and HEC examinations is available on the HEC website and contains the minimum requirements and standards that universities must meet.

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