Saturday, December 2, 2023

‘He Robbed Our Rs8.5 Crores’ – Mother Of Bilal Saeed’s Bhabi Reveals Another Side Of The Story

A video of Bilal Saeed taking part in an actual battle against his sibling Raza Saeed and sister-in-law became a web sensation on Thursday. Saeed turned into a top pattern on Pakistani Twitter as a huge number of clients shared their feedback on his conduct. The casualty otherwise known as his sister-in-law’s mom presently gives us her side of the story. 

Three staff of the Dolphin Force remained among them and attempted to stop the brutality. In the video, Saeed first slaps his sibling and afterward gets his shirt. The two trade punches before they are isolated by the police. 

aeed then goes to the lady and kicks her straight in the stomach. She endeavors to kick back yet can’t hinder a punch to the head. The police and the other man at that point block him. Saeed at that point endeavors to kick the lady again yet is halted by the police. 

The two gatherings can be seen contending yet it is muddled what they are saying. Allegedly, the police were called by the artist. Nonetheless, they settled the actual issue and nobody documented a FIR. 

Ends up, the appalling occurrence has negatively affected the female casualty’s psychological well-being. Since she would not show up before the camera, her mom chose to uncover the opposite side of the story. 

‘He burglarized our Rs8.5 crores,’ tells the mother

While addressing ARY News, the mother of Saeed’s sister-in-law shared, “Bilal was a companion of my child and all his acclaim and whatever he is presently, it is a direct result of my child. He has attempted to ransack us, and done numerous fakes with us.” 

“Prior, I was looted of Rs8.5 crores and he was engaged with the theft alongside his sibling. Their bail has likewise been dropped, even from the high court,” she added. 

“To start with, his sibling requested my little girl’s hand and afterward did the nikkah. Since my girl has cash, Bilal requests cash from her platitude his business isn’t working nowadays, so he needs cash”. 

“Be that as it may, she won’t,” the mother added. “He initially brought her over to his home two days sooner. At that point via telephone, he compromised and extorted her. At the point when she went to his home, she took the police alongside her and afterward there he began beating his sibling just as her.” 

Here is the finished video


As indicated by the lady’s mom, Saeed had been after them only for cash. Stunning! 

Many disgraced the vocalist for actually manhandling the lady while a few people – obvious and disappointingly – felt he was doing definitely what ladies requested when they requested ‘equivalent rights’,celebrating it as some kind of triumph against women’s liberation. Crazy!

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