Saturday, April 13, 2024

United States approved $82 Millions Anti Ship Missile System contract with India

The United States has approved a $82 millions deal of anti ship missile system. It has declared by the State Department’s Defense Cooperation Agency.

The anti ship missile system contract covers Harpoon Joint Common Test Set, mid-level harpoon maintenance stations, replacement and repair parts, maintenance. As well as test equipment, publications and technical documentation. Moreover, staff training, technical and logistical support also added.

“This proposed deal will support US foreign policy and national security by helping strengthen US-India strategic ties. It is to enhance the security of key defense partners remain in political stability, peace and economic progress.”

“This deal will also enhance India’s ability to deal with current and future threats by providing India with a flexible and effective Harpoon missile support capability to ensure maximum readiness. India will have no trouble adding this equipment to its armed forces,” he added.

The main contractor is Boeing, the agency said.

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