Monday, December 11, 2023

Harassment is not always Sexual, there must be a difference: Azfar Rehman

The actor said that when he spoke about harassment, he did not mean that he had “sexually harassed”.

In an interview published a week ago, Pakistani actor Azfar Rehman has revealed his secrets to life success. Also admitted that he had harassed by several female co workers, showed off his two cents in the #MeToo worldwide campaign. He also shared his thoughts on the casting couch in our entertainment industry.

The actor attributed his achievements to his strong self-confidence in himself. Further he claims that he never asked for the director role. He shared an anecdote from his early years as an actor, revealing, “That’s not true, but even some people in my position took advantage of others in exchange for certain services. When I was just starting out, I had a lot like that ‘to offer’. But it depends on how I will answer it.”

He went on to say that if after millions of dollars he supports an illegal or false idea, it means he supports the practice. The conversation then turned to her thinking about the #MeToo movement, in which he revealed, “As a male artist, there have even been cases where I had harassed by many artists. I don’t want to mention them because I ignore them. But women aren’t always right.”

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Some agreed and disagreed with what he said after his testimony was posted online. But speculation about his disclosure spread like wildfire, as many suspected that he was being sexually assaulted.

He clarifes the ongoing confusion

In response to the ongoing confusion, Azfar reached out to Instagram to clarify that he was not “sexually harassed” by female artists and that not all harassment qualifies as “sexual harassment”.

“I’ve talked about so many things that are inspiring and uplifting, but unfortunately that’s only sensational,” the actor wrote in the headline of the post he shared. In his post, he wrote, “In a three-year interview, I spoke briefly about the abuse – not sexual harassment – that I experienced as a new comer 15 years ago.”

He continued, “The abuse I have encountered is violent play, cloning, humiliation and abuse. There is absolutely no sexual aspect. He said he didn’t even use the term “sexual harassment”. “To be clear, I don’t even use that term. Our social platforms need to understand and educate people that harassment is not always sexual in nature. They are two different things …”

Regarding his statement that women are not always right, Azfar clarified: “I have great respect for women and at the same time I believe that there are good people and bad people everywhere. Sorry, if the mood is sick, take a look at the interview. It’s a lot of fun, by the way.”

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