Saturday, December 2, 2023

Hania Aamir Has A Message For Everybody, Including Wikipedia

Do You Know Hania Aamir’s Real Spelling? 

Hania Aamir has an instagram is loaded with life, savages, plays on words, and so forth. The youthful entertainer is continually thinking of amusing substance and stories to keep her crowd engaged. Presently in a new spell, the youthful star took to her Instagram stories to explain something and to give her fans a genuine message with respect to her birthday. 

In the event that you don’t think about it, here is the thing that she said, and you should listen to it: 

When Is Her Birthday? 

All things considered, in a new turn of events, Hania needed to go to her Instagram stories to explain and tell individuals when her birthday is. In spite of the fact that I don’t have a clue what occurred and what the setting of her interesting tirade on the tales was, she needed to come particularly on Insta, and make these accounts to explain when it is. Hania advised that in opposition to what individuals are figuring right now her birthday isn’t on eleventh February. 

She proceeded to detail that it is really on twelfth February, which is tomorrow, and every one of the individuals who wish to praise it with her should stand by till tomorrow to have a good time since anything before that will not be acknowledged. 

Hania’s Stories On Insta: 

As referenced, Hania made itemized stories on insta where she explained her genuine birth date. She likewise said that the individuals who are arranging shock gatherings, endowments, or whatever else should definitely understand what the genuine date is and ought to start doing all the gatherings on it as it were. She additionally amusingly proceeded to say that whoever is attempting to ruin her state of mind by informing or calling her that they can’t make it ought to not get it done. 


What’s Her Real Spelling? 

Hania likewise proceeded to clarify that her genuine name is clearly Hania Aamir, yet it isn’t composed the manner in which individuals for the most part compose it. She said that the Aamir spelling has twofold AA in it, so individuals should quit composing it wrong and should type it out in a right manner from now into the foreseeable future. 

All things considered, on the off chance that you don’t trust me, you can watch this video and hear all that Hania Aamir (with a twofold A) needed to say today:

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