Sunday, December 10, 2023

Hamza Ali Abbasi completed the first project of his coming book

Dreamboat for many and a wonderful actor Hamza Ali Abbasi is a very devout person, and an avid social media user. The most importantly also a religious leader. From time to time he broke off from show business, but has recently written a book in God’s name.

During this time, the actor Hamza Ali Abbasi “The Legend of Maula Jat” spent a lot of time with his family and interacted with scholars to write his book. The good news is Abbasi has completed the first project of his forthcoming letter.

“A rough draft of the first book has been made, Alhamdulillah. Everyone is only thank God,” Hamza Ali wrote on Twitter.

In early December, the Alif star announced that he would be taking a break from acting and social media to focus on future projects. Hamza Ali wrote on Twitter: “While he is writing a book and it is clearly about God, he hopes to be ready in June 2021, God willing. Hence, we will be a little inactive on social media. “

However, some followers and fans replied, “I hope this book does not create new contradictions because your views, your thought processes are a bit confusing, and your personality in general seems very confusing to me.”

Another added to his sub-tweet about the free book. “Unfortunately, a free product is given away. Why not load the book in the normal way and then donate the profits if and how you want. Donate a few copies of the library to those who can’t afford it.”

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