Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Hailey Baldwin on helping Justin Bieber deal with sobriety

Hailey Baldwin recently revealed her struggles trying to aid Justin Bieber with his recovery. All of this came out on the Victoria’s Secret Voices podcast.

She is cited as saying, “Addiction runs in my family, not just my dad [actor Stephen Baldwin], but many others on that side of my family deal with various issues.”

“My father was always honest about his addiction, which I admired. “I was always close to my father…”

“He was always very clear about why he needed to be sober, why we needed to be sober, and what alcoholic conduct looks like.”

She added, “It was tough to recall times of drug use and being in dark places.

“‘Hey, where are you with this?’ I’ve been nervous and asked Justin, “Are you OK to do this?” Because you had a bad time in your life and it was dark for you’.”

“But he has really strong self-awareness and is extremely open about it,” she noted before closing.

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