Saturday, December 2, 2023

Karachi entrepreneurs encourage to invest in Gwadar projects

Senate President Sadiq Sanjrani on Friday encouraged Karachi’s business community to expand its activities by creating industrial export units in Gwadar as well as in other parts of Balochistan.

Sadiq Sanjrani said to Karachi businessmen to invest in projects in Gwadar and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Chinese investors are continually arriving in Gwadar for the installation of industrial units, he pointed out. The problem of water scarcity in Gwadar was resolved and desalination plants were installed, he added.

“Gwadar, being the only city after Islamabad, is being developed under a master plan that aims to provide all basic facilities. The city’s power supply would be connected to the national grid this fiscal year, while development work at the Port of Gwadar is at an advanced stage, followed by accelerated development in the industrial area,” said Senator Sanjarani.

In addition to Gwadar, basic infrastructure throughout the province of Balochistan is being developed, which includes the construction of a series of roads to boost industrial and commercial activities, he added.

On the occasion, the President of the Group of Entrepreneurs Zubair Motiwala highlighted that Karachi is in a pathetic condition in terms of poor infrastructure. “KCCI wants to give a presentation on Karachi as other cities across the country are thriving while Karachi is suffering. Karachi’s share of the country’s exports is 52 percent, although it pays more than 60% in taxes for the national kitten, the port city continues to face severe hardship and injustice. It is necessary to provide more funds for the development of Karachi and solve its outstanding problems”, he added.

Moreover, Sadiq Sanjrani said he would discuss Karachi’s issues in the Senate, as the city is the backbone of the country’s economy and sets the direction of the country’s economic progress. He urged businessmen to submit their proposals so that they could be debated in the Senate sessions and that responses could be requested from interested ministries.

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