Saturday, December 2, 2023

Gujranwala Police have arrested two suspects for the Bitcoin robbery

Gujranwala Police have confirmed the arrest of two suspects of involvement in the kidnapping of two foreign nationals and the theft of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency worth more than $ 10 million.

Gujranwala Police are ready to find the two suspects thanks to their vehicle numbers and arrest them. As long as they are still detained, the opponents involved in the robbery have not been found.

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The incident took place in Lahore, where two foreigners Stefan Erhard and Maria Sparry from Switzerland and Germany were invited to the country by Pakistan’s Rana Irfan Mehmud to sign an investment agreement. Rana Irfan betrayed them and took them hostage. The suspects also stole 14.7 million rupees of cryptocurrency.

The FIR is registered at the station on the route. The kidnappers blackmail foreigners by misleading them in drug cases and exposing them to the police. Which then resulted in tourists transferring Rs. 14.7 million cryptocurrencies on the suspect’s account.

The two defendants were arrested in Gujranwala after tracing their car numbers. The police added and guaranteed that most of the defendants would be arrested immediately.

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