Monday, December 4, 2023

Graham Norton wants to invite Brad Pitt on his show

Graham Norton has expressed a desire to have Hollywood star Brad Pitt sit on infamous red couch of the show. He is an Irish-British actor and talk show presenter and returned with the 30th season of his iconic namesake show.

Norton said that he wants to have join him on his ideal sofa. He has never on the program despite having starred in several critically acclaimed films. He’s a big star and he seems genuinely nice to boot. It’s more fun to joke about with an unknown guest. Big stars are what really drive our program and he’s one of the biggest.

Graham Norton promised that he will be more liberal with Miriam Margolyes’ talents. As an added bonus, we could also have a taste of Miriam Margolyes. Though we only put her to limited use, she has never let us down. And Chris Pratt is a guy I respect. You’ll have a blast having him as a guest because he’s so charming and entertaining.

Norton revealed his thoughts on the situation. He said, “Some American stars who haven’t had a nice time with the British press consider me a journalist and they’ve not relaxed. They think I’m going to attempt to trip them up or ask a nasty question.”

Furthermore, every Saturday, you can watch a brand-new episode of ‘The Graham Norton Show’ on Lionsgate Play.

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