Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Govt Starts the Hiring Process for CEO PSEB

With help from the Ministry of IT and Telecommunications (MoITT), the Pakistan Software Export Board has begun hiring a new CEO (PSEB). Last month, when Osman Nasir’s time as CEO of PSEB ended. MoITT put out a call for people to apply for the job.

The MoITT said the position of MD changes to CEO and applications are open for 15 days. As soon as that happens, we’ll start weeding out people who aren’t knowledgeable. The selection committee will recommend three people to the federal government after interviewing the last three candidates on the shortlist.

Reports say that Osman Nasir’s job as CEO of the Public Sector Electronics Board (PSEB) is still not full yet. According to sources within the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications. Last month, former MD Osman Nasir quit because his term expires. Word on the street is that Member of IT Syed Junaid Imam will take charge of keeping an eye on the PSEB until someone else is hired for the job.

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The Ministry of Commerce and Industries wants to hire a new Chief Executive Officer of the Pakistan Export Board as soon as possible, according to PSEB officials. This is because the PSEB is in charge of growing IT exports. Which the Ministry of Commerce and Industries wants to do. The Ministry of Industry, Trade, and IT wants to make $5 billion from IT sales outside of Japan this fiscal year.

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