Monday, December 4, 2023

Govt leaders call cyber security cells incompetent

A parliamentary committee is nervous about how well the Cyber Security Cells is doing its job because of recent cyber attacks on multiple government websites.

Monday, the Standing Committee on IT and Telecommunications told a briefing on the work of the Ministry of IT and Telecommunications about this.

The Standing Committee did lead by MNA Mir Khan Muhammad Jamali. Unhappy with the work of the Ministry of Information and Technology (MoITT), especially the Cyber Security Cells, and has did ask it to do a better job.

A committee member named Naz Baloch said that the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) website. Which has personal information about every single person in Pakistan. Is the target of two hacking attempts in the recent past.

The Cyber Security Policy is in place, according to MoITT officials. This will lead to the creation of the National Cyber Security Authority (NCSA). The National Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), and the Sectoral CERT. In order to get national accreditation, it is necessary to build laboratories with the latest technology and discover top talent.

Also, they said that the MoITT had made the CERT guidelines, which will go to the Cabinet once the Ministry of Law approved them.

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Pakistan has a history of banning social media sites because of the content they get. So the article also talked about how new Cyber Crime, Cyber Security, and Social Media Rules also are made.

After the recent floods that hit half of the country. The committee also is unhappy with the work underway to fix the country’s communications infrastructure.

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