Monday, April 15, 2024

Government responds to the character assassination of Pakistan’s top model by asking the FIA to intervene

Marriyum Aurangzeb, the Minister for Information and Broadcasting, asked the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Wednesday to take legal action against the people who were hurting actresses’ reputations on social networking sites.

These elements include those who posted negative comments about the actresses on social media.

In a statement to the media, the minister strongly criticized the campaign that was going on against the actresses. “Those who support a culture of such nasty attacks on people’s reputations and who spread rudeness and disrespect must be condemned by everyone in society,”

Marriyum asserted that the country’s artists were not just assets to the nation but also its identity on the global stage since they had achieved a standing in society as a result of their arduous labor and had become famous after overcoming a number of obstacles on their path to fame.

She said that she was worried that a woman’s reputation would be ruined when she rose to a higher position in journalism, politics, art, or any of the other fields. The fact that the women were female made them an easy target for these kinds of smear efforts.

She expressed sorrow that certain groups were attempting to disparage women rather than recognizing the struggles, capabilities, and hard work that women put in.

These women had become symbols of bravery and commitment, and they would not be deterred from achieving their goals by smear operations of this nature.

She claimed that “the people with mental retardation” were only concerned about the honor of their own mothers and sisters and not the honor of anyone else.

She went on to say that the manner in which some people harassed other people’s mothers and sisters, disrespected other people’s mothers and sisters, and mistreated other people because they held a different perspective than the victim revealed how those individuals had been raised.

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