Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Government of punjab has banned Tiktokers entry into parks

The Punjab government issued a notice restricting the entering of tiktokers to the parks due to case of harassment of a woman in Greater Iqbal Park, considering simultaneously the prohibition of entry of more than 2 males in a park.

The VCPHA states that TikTokers has to apply for a permit before visiting the parks and that after receiving an official permit he/she is permitted to film a TikTok video.

There is also a ban on the entering to the park, although family restrictions are not applied. SOPs must, however, be adhered too carefully.

Note that considerable improvements were made in the event of a female abuse at Greater Iqbal Park. At the identification parade, the victim girl recognized three suspects. The accused’s identification takes place every day.

So far, 40 people have been paraded with their identification. Ayesha Akram confirmed three accused and proclaimed two suspects during the identification parade.

The defendants, who were detained in the event of attack and strip page of TikToker’s Ayesha Akram have demanded the capture of TikToker Ayesha, justice and nothing we have done.

While speaking to the media, the families of the accused claimed that our children were innocent, they were arrested without a reason, one accused’s family said our kid was home in August on 14, another accused who had been arrested said our child was with them also when he was arrested.

Another family also asked Ayesha Akram to be investigated by the authorities.

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