Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Google Plans to Working on ‘Find my Device’ Network for Android Users

According to reports, Google is working on a Find My Device network for Android. The latest beta version of Google Play Services includes a feature called “Spot” to enable the “Find My Device network” feature by using the user’s Android phone to find other devices, such as from 9to5Google. determined

According to the official support site, Google’s current Find My Device system, designed for Android phones and tablets, as well as Wears watches, requires the phone to be connected to cellular data or Wi-Fi.

With the Spot feature, which found in beta, Google can try to improve its current network using its network of 3 billion Android devices and build a network similar to Apple’s Find My.

Apple Find My Network uses Bluetooth signals to find devices even when offline.

According to 9to5Google, users can enable/disable the function and disconnect from the network. According to the description, the function helps users to find “other people’s devices”. However, it doesn’t specify which devices it will extend its functionality to, i.e. only phones or other devices including tablets and Wear OS watches.

The Find My app on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac makes it easy to find a lost Apple device. It stay in touch with friends and family while protecting user privacy.

How can find Lost Device

If a user loses their Apple device, the Find My app lets them find it on a map. Just play a sound to pinpoint their location, put it in Lost Mode to lock it instantly and view messages with contacts.

It also allows them to remotely wipe the device if it falls into the wrong hands

Google has other projects that involve using the Android phone network – especially the earthquake detection feature. Although the implementations differ, the basic concept may be very similar.

There are more than 3 billion active Android devices, which is a huge amount of information. Be it data from accelerometers or faulty phone locations.

9to5Google found a setting that allows users to disable the feature so their phone can’t help find other devices.

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Given the limited information, it’s unclear whether the Find My Device network can find things other than phones. It contains like the Apple Find My Network or the Samsung Galaxy Find Network. And of course, since this is unpack beta code, these changes will never get the actual public version.

The function is currently in beta. Google has not officially commented or provided details.

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