Saturday, December 9, 2023

Google will Stop Targeting online Ads Based on User’s Browsing Activities

The US multinational technology company Google recently said that it will stop targeting online ads based on the user’s browsing activities.

According to Mashable, the company also said it would not build a tool that could track user-specific data across products on the Google Ads and Commerce blog.

It says, “To keep the Internet open and accessible to all, we all need to do more to protect privacy. This means not just third-party cookies, but all the technology. We’ve had so far but Track people as they surf the internet.”

It also states that “people must not agree to be tracked online in order to take advantage of relevant advertisements. And advertisers must not follow individual users on the network to take advantage of digital advertising.”

The blog states that Google announced this to remove support for third-party cookies. Because of this, Sandbox works to ensure data protection and develops innovations that protect user security while helping both advertisers and publishers. Now Google will not target any online ads that is not based on searching activities of the user.

The company also says that once a third-party cookie has expired, they will not create. They use alternative identifiers to track people as they browse the internet.

Regarding Mashable, Google says its products supported by a privacy Application Programming Interface (API). Which prevents individual tracking but still works.

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