Thursday, April 18, 2024

Google will fire vaccine-refusing employees

Employees who do not follow Google immunization requirements may lose their jobs, according to reports. Those who did not would be put on unpaid leave and fired. Google has been pushing for a return to work, which has been continually postponed.

When it comes to keeping our employees and our services functioning, “our vaccination requirements are one of the most crucial approaches,” a spokeswoman stated. As a company, we have committed to helping our employees who can vaccinated and we stand by our vaccination policy. “

Staff have given until December 3 to submit proof of immunization or request a medical or religious exemption, according to the memo. For those employees who did not comply by January 18, they will receive 30 days of paid administrative leave, followed by up to six months of unpaid leave. They’d lose their employment after that “unpaid personal leave.”

Mandatory jabs

The IT firms’ approaches to office work vary, according to US regulations and a fluid environment.

The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration has mandated that all firms with 100 or more employees must have each employee vaccinated or tested for Covid-19 once a week. This has set to take effect on January 4, but has swiftly challenged in court and is currently on hold.

Google declared in July that employees should immunized, not simply tested. Those who have or can find a 100% remote role are exempt from the rule. But it also expects most employees to be in the office three days a week, rather than working from home. It will also reduce wages for US employees who work remotely.

Twitter claimed in May that employees may work from home “forever” if they qualified. After Covid’s regulations have loosened, Facebook said employees could request to work from home. Microsoft has permanently enabled remote work.

Apple, like Google, has stated that employees must be in the office three days per week.

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