Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Google will donate to Pakistan flood victims

Due to the terrible flood, Google has decided to donate $500,000 (108,000,000 Pakistani Rupees) to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy through its charitable arm. Recent heavy rains and floods in Pakistan it has affected millions of people. These are some of the worst natural disasters the country has ever seen.

The ongoing pandemic is adding to the chaos that has spread across the country. Also to the damage done by the storms in the past. Because of the flooding, a family is without their homes and is now living in places where they can’t live at all.

Local community organizations get these funds as subgrants to use for disaster relief and also rebuilding efforts. Google employees are also giving both their time and money to help during this tough time. In a short amount of time, employees it has donated almost 72 million PKR between their own money. The money that their company matched. Up to a certain amount, the company will match what its employees give.

Google wants to help the people in Pakistan who are victims of the recent flood and wants to donate money. One way to help people who are severely affected by a natural disaster is to collect monetary and material donations on their behalf. Google will keep looking for methods to support disaster victims.

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