Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Google Voice will get 4 new features

Google Voice is getting some new features over the next few weeks as Google is once again showing signs that it isn’t forgetting the important alternative phone app that many of us have used for years to manage multiple phone numbers on a single line. .

In a Workspace customer blog post, Google describes google’s voice new features that improve the experience as well as SMS management.

The first two changes include calling. Google Voice will soon offer reasons for missed calls as well as reasons to cut back on calls. If after an update came in, if you missed a call and don’t know why, touching that missed call now gives you reason. Just to believe it happened, you have enabled Do Not Disturb mode.
A rejected call is the same situation that Google is trying to explain why you might lose a bad internet connection. You will be prompted with customization options, including switching to your carrier number and then speed dialing.

Another Google voice new feature is great for those who love text messaging. Google has finally added a delete option with multiple options. Google allows you to long press a message for a long time and then back it up again and again. But now we can completely remove it. For now, this could be a function of the web app – Google hasn’t provided any information yet.

Lastly, for iOS users, Google does something with caller ID and redirects. Now I have read their statement six times and have no idea what they are talking about. So here is the text and I will allow you to understand what it means:

Google Voice customers victimization iOS have already got a setting that enables them to ascertain their Google Voice variety. As caller ID once somebody calls variety related to Google Voice. When this setting is enabled, you will see the quantity you have related to Google Voice as your caller ID.

For Google Workspace users, most of these changes are immediately available, beyond the reasons for missed calls, which can take several weeks.

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