Thursday, June 1, 2023

Google Play App Store Generates $11.2 Billion Revenue in 2019

According to the lawsuit published on Saturday, Google generated $11.2 billion in revenue in 2019 from its mobile app store, which for the first time offers a clear view of the service’s financial results.

The Attorney General in Utah and 36 other states or counties sued Google for alleged antitrust violations with the App Store and also said in a newly revised statement that the company had a gross profit of $8.5 billion in 2019. $7 billion in operating income, for an operating margin of more than 62%.

The figure includes app sales, in-app purchases, and ads in app stores. Google told Reuters the data was “used to describe our business” in the unsubstantiated lawsuit.

The company and its prosecutors announced Saturday in a separate file that a trial is possible until the end of 2022 as to whether Google abused its alleged monopoly in the sale of apps for Android devices.

In its quarterly finances, Google groups revenue from Play apps with other services and displays revenue from in-store advertising as part of another, broader category.

The chief prosecutor, as well as mobile app developer Epic Games and others who are suing Google, said Google made huge profits through the Play Store, charging 30 percent of the cost for every digital product sold within an app. Google’s deductions are arbitrarily high, reflecting the profits of app developers, the plaintiffs said.

Google claims that there are options to Google’s shops and charge system, despite the fact that critics say this course is impractical and from time to time blocked.

The plaintiffs allege that through an anti-competitive deal, Google extended benefits and restricted major developers such as League of Legends creator Riot Games to prevent them from leaving the Play Store.

A statement by Epic Games released earlier this month said internal documents state that Google fears it will lose $1.1 billion in annual profits from the App Store if the Play Store is successfully circumvented.

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