Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Google notifies employees that vaccination is Mandatory

Google has placed in a vaccination mandate camp. Google CEO Sundar Pichai emailed staff on Wednesday morning informing employees that everyone who works on US campuses should vaccinated.

The policy will extend to other parts of the world in the coming months, he said, according to the Wall Street Journal. “Performance is subject to native conditions and rules and can not be administered till the vaccine is wide accessible in your space,” he wrote.

There will be an exclusion procedure for people with medical or “exclusive” reasons. The newspaper reports that those who refuse to work remotely for political reasons will stay remote and talk to HR about their options.

The company has also postponed the target return date from late September to mid-October. Pichai stated that the global policy on home volunteering will last until October 18. “We have pleased to reopen our campus and encourage Google employees who feel safe to visit websites. Only that websites which are already open to continue doing this. At the same time, we found that many Google employees saw a surge in their community. Because of the Delta option and have worried about returning to work. This extension gives us time to get back to work while providing flexibility for those who need it. “CNBC notes that Apple has also stepped up its plans to return to work in October.

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