Friday, December 1, 2023

Now Google Meet will automatically brighten your webcam

You will soon be able to view all of your coworkers or friends clearly on video chats thanks to Google Meet, which will be available soon. When someone has underexposed as a result of poor lighting, the web version of the programme can identify this. Google Meet will then automatically brighten your webcam to make it easier to see your companions and. If you have a poor webcam, it may also make your feed more clear.

Last year, the Google Meet iOS and Android mobile apps received a low-light mode feature. Google Meet new feature makes use of artificial intelligence to analyze light levels and will brighten your webcam automatically. There is no administrative control over the feature, though consumers will be able to turn it off. If they like – Google warns that having it activated may cause your device to slow down.

The feature will be available to all Workspace and G Suite basic and business customers in the near future. Google will begin rolling it out to Rapid Release names today. While Scheduled Release domains will begin receiving it on October 4th. The deployment will take up to 15 days in both circumstances, which means that by the middle of October. Poor webcam feeds on Meet calls could be a thing of the past.

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