Friday, September 29, 2023

Google Maps now shows EV charging stations and more

Soon, Google Maps will get a new augmented reality feature that lets you use your phone’s camera to see where nearby EV charging stations are. Thursday, the company (Google Maps) says that the Search with Live View feature would soon include accessibility symbols and a tool to help users find the best EV charging.

Google Maps will offer you pertinent information about what it sees through your camera as you walk through London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco, and Tokyo. This group includes hotels, restaurants, ATMs, and street names. To use the camera on Google Maps, you just have to tap the camera icon next to the microphone.

The update shows how Google is trying to improve its services by combining the power of its large information databases with the ability of our smartphones to collect data. Google’s camera and google glass advancements do aim to help us grasp the world without typing.

Google Maps already do update again in a big way. This time to help people with electric cars find places to charge them. You can use the new filtering options on Google Maps to find fast chargers plugs that work with your EV.

Maps are also getting more options for people who use wheelchairs to get around.

Google Search as a whole will also get some other improvements. On Thursday, the food category is then did add to multi search. By taking a picture of a dish they want to try and adding the words “near me” to the caption. A user of the Google app can find a restaurant that serves it. The results show a list of restaurants in the area that serve the chosen cuisine.

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Google says that the Lens creating virtual translation engine is better at recognizing. Translating the text from languages other than your own. This is especially helpful when trying to read a menu in a foreign language.

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