Friday, April 19, 2024

Google Maps now features vaccination sites against COVID-19

As countries around the world began testing vaccines for COVID-19, Google searches for “vaccine near me” increased fivefold. To make it easier to find the nearest vaccination site, Google is working on adding vaccination sites available for maps and search. The company says the start-up is part of its fight against the pandemic.

The search engine giant also confirmed that Google facilities, including parking lots and open spaces, are converted into emergency vaccination facilities in collaboration with healthcare provider One Medical.
Next week, the company will display the status and regional distribution information in the search. This new feature will initially only be available in Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. However, Google promises that it will soon be available for other countries and countries. We do this in partnership with and other “leading” sources including government agencies to ensure that users are getting accurate information.

The new feature provides users with information such as: For example, whether they need an appointment or a recommendation for vaccination, whether a vaccine is restricted to specific population groups or whether a vaccine is available on the go.

Additionally, Google pledged $ 150 million to help educate and promote fair distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. Grants are awarded to the CDC Foundation, the World Health Organization, and other non-profit organizations around the world.

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