Friday, February 23, 2024

Google has created a doodle of Derawar Fort to commemorate Pakistan’s Independence Day

On Saturday, Google released the Derawar Fort doodle in Punjab’s Cholistan Desert to mark Pakistan’s Independence Day.

Google highlighted in its accompanying declaration that Pakistan was independent 74 years ago.

“Pakistanis all throughout the subcontinent participate in celebrating their liberty and honouring the centuries of history that constitute the foundation of their culture,” the proclamation said.

Google claimed, talking more about the doodle, that the artwork “represents the mediaeval fort Derawar, a gigantic square building with 40 enormous circular bastions erected in the ninth century, in a symmetrical perimeter.”

Inspired by the doodle choice, he claimed that “chacking over one hundred metres from the sand, each of these fortified old stone fortifications are an imposing emblem of Pakistani adaptability and antiquity.”

Google says that it “previously aided traffic and transit in an environment mostly unfriendly” in Mughal style, which is a desert.

“When they travelled from Central Asia to the Indian subcontinent, the forts served as important infrastructure to defend and feed desert caravans,” she says.

It also notes that the government of Punjab “announced in 2019 an endeavour to safeguard this landmark against time-sand loss.”

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