Friday, December 1, 2023

Introducing Google Fit for iPhone Heart Rate Monitoring

The availability of fitness trackers and smartwatches that can track your heart rate is not difficult to come by these days, especially given the low cost of wearables and the large number of brands to pick from on the market. Although it is unlikely that you will join the wearables revolution anytime soon. But don’t panic because there are apps available to help you stay on track.

Google just released an update to its Google Fit software for iOS devices. Google fit can now includes the ability to measure your heart rate using the camera on your iPhone. Customers place their finger on their iPhone’s camera and apply a small amount of pressure to it; from there, the app will attempt to read the changes in colour of their fingers to determine their heart rate, and this is how it works.

When it comes to reading your heart rate, it will take approximately 30 seconds, following which the data will appear at the bottom of the screen. According to reports, Google had already implemented a similar function in its Android app. And it appears that it has now made its way to the iPhone. That being said, this capability is more equivalent to taking a snapshot of your heart rate in the moment. Rather than providing consumers with continuous tracking as is possible with wearables today.

However, if you’re not feeling well and want to know if there’s anything wrong with you, it could be useful. Nonetheless, Google states that the function has not intended to used as a diagnostic tool; however, as previously stated, it could be useful if you believe anything is wrong with you. And wish to bring the results to your doctor for additional evaluation.

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