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Google’s fall event may be on October 5: Here We Expect to see Everything

As a result of Apple’s announcement of its new iPhone 13 series, the IT industry is preparing for yet another significant launch, this time on the Android platform. According to the Report Google could host its fall event on October 5 SO here we expect to see everything. The company will launch its Pixel 6 series commercially.

Following the introduction of new Google Pixel 6 smartphones in early August, consumers were eagerly awaiting the handsets’ release date on the retail market. It appears that we have set a date.

According to a screenshot obtained by XDA contributor Mishaal Rahman, Google appears to have booked an event for October 5, as shown below. The screenshot depicts the author’s now-deleted article CNET, which had their comments about the forthcoming event. But according to the screenshot, Google’s Nest, Travel, and Map products might be the focal point of the event as well as others.

Credit: Twitter

A lot of rumours on the Pixel 6 series say that the device will be released somewhere in the second half of next month, with rivals scheduled to launch on October 19 and 27. As a result, while Google may hold an official event on October 5, the likelihood of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro being unveiled on that day is remote for the time being.

A lot of Rahman’s tweets also imply that the date of October 27 may be the date on which Pixel phones will begin to function properly. According to rumours, Google may also make an announcement about its first foldable phone at the same event.

What the upcoming Pixel 6 smartphones will look like has already been shown by Google. Included in this is a new design as well as bigger camera modules and even the usage of Google’s latest Tensor processor, which is included in the phones. Speculation is that both the standard Pixel 6 and the Pro edition will include a 50MP primary camera and a 12MP ultra-wide camera, with the Pro model perhaps also including a 48MP telephoto lens.

Last but not least, we get our first glimpse at what appears to be the Pixel 6 Pro prototype from every aspect in a final video. The thin bezels of the phone, as well as the punch hole, are highlighted in this practical video from YouTuber M. Brandon (@thisistechtoday).

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